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The 10 Essentials You Need Before Your Next Flight


If you're an experienced traveller, or flying for the very first time, you might already have a check list, or perhaps you' don't know what you really need to do before you fly.

Here's what you need.

1. Your passport will need to be valid. Some countries require that your passport is still valid for a certain number of years, so if yours is running out, you might need to renew it before you fly. Make sure that you have the requisite visa and other official documentation if you need it.

2. You'll want to make sure that you have got your accommodation sorted out. You might be staying with friends, at a hotel, or in a holiday home, and you'll want to have all the details and instructions you need.

3. You'll want to have a guide book so that you know what else there is to see and do where you're going. You might also want to learn some of the language too, and

4. Having suitable luggage is very important. Flying somewhere for a business trip will require different luggage to a stag or hen weekend, or a family holiday. Is your luggage still up to the job, or has it seen better days? If you're unsure, why not replace it with something more appropriate?

5. You'll want to check the airline and airport website so that you're aware of any additional security issues that might affect you, or add additional time to the check in process.

6. You'll want to book your car parking in advance if you know when you're going to fly, so that you can save time as well as money.

7. By booking your car hire in advance, it's one less thing to have to do once you arrive. Why not book it at the same time as your holiday, or your flights and accommodation?

8. It's a good idea to change your currency before you fly, so that you know that you've got it, and don't have to look for a bank the moment you arrive. Why not use the bureau de change at the airport for the latest currency deals?

9. Why not get yourself or your family something for the flight from one of the airport shops? Perhaps you'll want to get a book or a magazine for the flight, or accessories for your MP3 player, or camera. What about seeing if you can find a bargain in the duty free shops too.

10. Possibly most importantly, you'll want to make sure that you have the details of where you're going, which bus or train you need, or where the taxis are, about your person. This is so that you don't have to look in your luggage when you get off the plane.

Now you know more about what you need before you fly, have you got all your need for your next flight?

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