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About Paramount Airways

The Paramount flights were started under the parent company named Paramount Group. The company began its functions under the aegis of this Madurai-based company. Since the very beginning, Paramount Airlines has had clear goals, and they work with complete dedication towards the achievement of these goals. The company has setup parameters for accomplishment of the target. We need to start with the final goals of Paramount Airways to understand the company in depth.

The Paramount Airways has its maximum focus on the Business travelers and other upscale passengers. The company works to provide them all luxuries and comfort at the affordable price. It is expected that this policy would see a sea of change in the future as it would help to gain popularity beyond the boundaries of Indian-sub continent. The company wishes to draw more and more business and leisure passengers. It is the part of the mission of Paramount Airways to make their attain world class luxury liner standards. The flights of Paramount Airways are equipped with fashionable products and boutique services on their flights. The operation of Paramount flights began in the year 2005, the central hub of the airline was based on Chennai.

At present there are fleets of 2 and 3 of Embraer 170 and 175 respectively in Paramount airlines. The Paramount Airline is operating across 8 destinations but they are expected to grow more and more into national operators due to the arrival of new Embraers. At present Paramount Airlines is focusing on destinations across Southern part India but it is expected that the company would now began its first class on-board Paramount flights in the coming year. The venture of the company would soon touch new heights.

The Paramount Airways has also got the Call Sign of Paraways and it also posse's white and blue livery on its aircrafts. These liveries have the blue color on the top exterior of the Aircraft whereas the tails and wingtips almost of the same color. It is expected that The Paramount Airways will be an important player in the luxury and business class in the national aviation sector. The Paramount flight is expected to expand and achieve high growths in the aviation industry. The company caters well to the needs of the passengers and offers to them the best of services at the suitable price. The complete attention of the staff is to provide comfortable journey to its passengers. 

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