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Why Peru is So Popular With Holiday Makers

 If you're a similar age to myself, your first impressions of the wonderful country of Peru may well have been shaped by a cartoon character named Paddington who wore red wellington boots.

That's not to say that this particular furry export is Peru's main achievement. Peru is a sensational and exciting country to visit at any time of the year. The scenery is simply wonderful, the people are welcoming and have a patriotic fervour which would put most Brits to shame. The country also has numerous spots of fascinating cultural interest to engage the visitor.

Peru is situated on the wild Pacific Coast of South America and having the Andes Mountain range and Amazonian rain forest within it's borders, is home to some of the world's most fascinating wildlife. Peru is famous for the many species of birds which are to be found in the country. It has over 1800 species which is quite amazing for a country the size of Peru. There are many books available on this subject if you wish to pursue it further.

There are also many fascinating mammals and reptiles to be found, such as the giant anaconda, the yellow tailed wooly monkey and the spectacled bear as well as numerous lizards, snakes, turtles and caimans.

Manu National Park is a particular draw for wildlife enthusiasts and is a genuinely awe inspiring natural wilderness not to be missed. It is a major attraction for adventurers and bird spotters alike!

Folklore is a big draw for visitors to Peru and it's influence is felt in all manner of Peruvian culture such as in the country's festivals and dances. The Festejo Dance is a happy, rhythmic and sensuous display whose lyrics contain references to traditions, happy times and sorrowful moments of the black inhabitants of Peru.

An option available for water sports enthusiasts in Peru is scuba diving. Scuba diving sites are located in many places, the best of them being in Mancora, Organos and Punta Sal in Tumbes as well as Ancon, Pucusana, San Bartolo and Asia Island in Lima. Other sites are situated in Piura, Callao and Arequipa.

Mountain climbers are spoiled for choice with the wonderful Andes Mountains to explore. Trekking is also recommended and there are many interesting and scenic trails to follow. Just remember always be safe when out in the Peruvian wilderness and try not to travel by yourself.

There are also numerous opportunities for alternative outdoor pursuits such as mountain biking and horse riding.

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