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What We Did in Kitty Hawk, NC


The first thing we did on our vacation was to check into our resort which was the Barrier Station Resort in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. On our vacation package we received a 3 days and 2 night stay, they also gave us a few dinner certificates to Mulligan's restaurant and bar and Jolly Rodgers. Also a wonderful surprise in our vacation package was 2 tickets to a Musical Show.

After checking in we went directly to the resort to look it over and empty the large amount of luggage we had brought with us. The room was more than we expected. Although there were only 2 of us they gave us a 2 bedroom accommodation. This was the bomb as we both had our own bathroom. The master bedroom had a giant Jacuzzi in it (which we use every night) and a king size bed along with a large shower. The other bedroom had to beds and a bathroom. They both had TV's and were very nicely decorated. Along with a large living room, dining room and big kitchen they also had a washer and dryer. Had we know this we would have brought less clothing?

After unpacking we went to the welcome center and checked out all the activities that they were offering. They had special on ground meals, games and all kinds of classes, along with several touring trips. Not only did they have outside pools but they also had one of the largest indoor pools I have ever seen. And of course a weight room with all kinds of exercise equipment and indoor and outdoor hot tubes. And if that was not enough they had a wonderful nature walk trail and a place for runners.

After investigating the resort we decided to take advantage of one of the dinner certificates we were given and went to Mulligan's for lunch. We were very impressed on the quantity and quality of the food and service we received. They had a deck that went to the top of the restaurant s roof with tables up there and you could enjoy the ocean view while you dined. I do feel a little sorry for the waters as they had to go up and down about fifty stairs all day long.

When we finished lunch we continued on with our vacation by going to the beach where we did a little sunning and tried a little fishing on the fishing pier that was just a few miles from our resort. Not bringing any fishing gear with us we were surprised that they had everything you could need to go fishing. It only cost us about 40.00 for all the gear and bait you needed and being out on the pier you did not have to worry about getting eaten alive by any creatures that may be wondering around on the island.

We also toured about 30 miles of the island and found many great places to shop and eat. One of my favorite places in Kitty Hawk to eat is Jimmy's Sea Food Buffet. They offer an early bird special where you can win $100.00 in cash and for the first hour they even give you lobster. You really would not even miss the lobster though, because with every other kind of sea food you can think of they have ten different kinds of crab legs and you can eat all you want. Unfortunately we did not get to eat there this time around because of time and the many other places we never tried while there on vacation.

However we did get to see one of the best musicals that I have ever gone to. It was mixed with oldies and classical music along with some comedy. The entire cast was brilliant. It lasted about 2 hours but was so entertaining that it felt that we were only there for half an hour. They change shows frequently so if you vacation to the outer banks often you can get to see different shows. On Wednesdays they offer a magic show for all those magic buffs in the same building. So the next time you go there on vacation please put that on you're to do list as you will not be sorry for taking my advice.

One thing I did not plan time on doing on our vacation was a round of golf and I am sorry I didn't as there were several really nice affordable golf courses close by. I am not sure but someone told us there were 12 in the area. Sounds like a golfer's paradise to me and with that many golf courses I think you need to plan to stay a week instead of just a few days. We did not go into any of the course's this time around as the temptations would have been to great but I am sure with so many they could not have been to crowded

Well the bottom line to this entire article is that it was so relaxing and enjoyable that our next vacation will be in the outer banks next year and we also plan on taking a few mini vacations or long weekends as some call it there on a regular basis. And will stay on the top of my list for vacations for a long time to come.

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