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Turkey Set to Be Another Top Holiday Destination


Turkey is certainly the bargain king. Many people went for an all inclusive Turkey holiday last year and the latest figures suggest the same it will once again prove the most popular summer holiday destination, this is largely down the poor exchange rate against the euro for British tourists, which as I write today, has dropped to a ten month low which is down to fears relating to a hung parliament, where no party has a majority. Since the election may be as late as June then this does not bode well for those exchanging pound sterling.

The indications are the rise of destinations out with the euro zone are likely to continue this year as British holidaymakers look to minimise the impact of a poor exchange rate and get a good value holiday, an all inclusive holiday to Turkey is certainly a great choice of location and locking in the price avoids any nasty surprises.

Turkey offers hot sun in the summer, beautiful sea as well as lakes and mountains to explore for those who feel inclined. For those who like to learn about different cultures on their holiday there is plenty to feast your eyes on. With over 10,000 years of history there is something to learn all over Turkey. There are ruins however the country offers a rich culture, engaging sounds and unique smells to take in that come together to offer a very special experience. For those unaware the population of Turkey is very young with over 70 per cent of the population being under 35.

If you are travelling with young ones then fear not the flight isn't much longer than European locations if at all as you can be touching down for your all inclusive Turkey holiday in only four hours of flight time.

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