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Tsunami Warning Closes Beaches in California


Huge waves are hurtling toward the West Coast of the U.S. in the aftermath of the massive earthquake in Japan and subsequent tsunami, prompting California to shut down beaches as tsunami warnings sounded along the shores.

Beaches are closed. Residents who live along the water are being urged to move inland and seek higher ground.The tsunami warning was issued from Point Concepcion in California to the border along the coasts of Oregon and Washington, according to the National Weather Service.

Lauren Von Fabrice is watching the news from California with great anticipation.

Her husband Bill and their 11-year-old son Tyler left this morning for a flight to Santa Barbara, where the Boston-based family has a second home. She is slated to fly to Santa Barbara with the couple's youngest son Alex, 4, tomorrow morning.

"It's nerve-wracking,'' Von Fabrice told AOL Travel News. "It's very scary to watch."

Von Fabrice said that her family lived in California for nearly five years so they have grown accustomed to shut-down beaches and roadways as a precautionary measure.

"But they are talking about big waves hitting our coast,'' she said. "I am going to leave tomorrow unless they shut down the airport."

Airports remained open in California, but were closed in Hawaii. Waves hit the shores of the islands there that were as tall as five feet.

National Weather Service officials have predicted waves as high as 5.3 feet along the California coast.

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