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Trinidad Weather - Best and Worst Months to Go

 Trinidad weather has some of the widest variations throughout the year of any Caribbean destination. It is a classic southern Caribbean island that is lush, tropical and very wet thanks to drenching rainfalls during the summer.

Rainfall averages about one to two inches from January through April, according to the World Weather Organization. It picks up slightly and May, jumps to more than six inches in June and peaks at nearly 10 inches in August. It subsides somewhat in September and October and jumps again to more than eight inches in November before dropping to three inches in December.

The number of days it rains each month varies widely as well. January and February have about 10 rain days, but March and April drop to six apiece. June, July, August and November average about 20 rain days to go with the heavy downpours. September and October experience about 16 rain days apiece.

Unlike the wild variations in rainfall, Trinidad temperatures are more predictable.

Trinidad has a southern location -- just off the coast of Venezuela -- and is therefore quite warm even during the winter. The average monthly high temperature is about 89 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year with only a few degrees of variation, the World Weather Organization says. The average monthly low temperature is about 71 degrees.

The best times for a Trinidad vacation are January through May when rainfall is lightest. April and May are the warmest months of the year on average, but only by a few degrees. June through November are the worst month to visit Jamaica because of heavy rain.

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