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Tips to Get Really Cheap Airline Tickets


Gone are the days, when you had to pay enormous sums of money to the airline agent or the airline office to get a ticket booked. At the present time it is budget travel which is truly sought after.

On-line Travel Services
It is right, that theses days on-line travel services such as Travelocity etc, are used in abundance to get the cheap deals not only for air tickets but also for car rentals and booking at hotels. If you are also the one who is in search of really economical plane tickets you can surf through the Internet to get some nice deals for your air tickets. Some websites might provide cheap budget travel tickets, but this necessitates quick booking on the spot itself. However, if the ticket is well within the budget and one can even book it on the spot and grab the deal there and then. But at the same time one should keep looking on for some more good deals. Before buying a ticket, also keep in mind to read all the relevant conditions on issues such as refunds, cancellations, stopovers and transits permitted during the travel and validity of ticket, as many a time there are a lot of restrictions on cheap tickets as regards these factors.

Travel Agents

One of the simplest ways of getting a cheap ticket is to consult a travel agent. One just needs to inform him about one's budget, time of travel, origin and destination. Rest of the things will be handled by him. But even here make certain that you comprehend all the conditions. Sometimes, in case of connecting flights one is required to stop at the airport for long hours and in some cases even more than 24 hours. So keep in mind of all these things and only then come to a decision whether to buy the ticket or not.

Airline Offices
If there is an airline office near your office or your residence, go there directly.at airline office there is no need to pay for the agent commission on the ticket. This therefore brings down the cost of the ticket and one can avail a cheap offer. Also one can get all the information related to the journey as well as some air travel tips from the airline staff. Moreover, if one likes the airline's service and plans to fly with the same airline every time, one can become a 'frequent flyer' of the airline and enjoy many other benefits along with highly discounted air tickets.

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