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South India Tour - Best Experienced With a Houseboat Ride on

One of the most coveted destinations of South India tours, Kerala is a haven of a place for nature lovers. The southern tip of India is renowned worldwide for its cultural legacy, pristine greenery, secluded and sandy beaches, enticing performing art forms and rejuvenating effect of Ayurveda. Kerala imbibes all these features that symbolize South India and is further embellished by quaint charms of backwaters. A houseboat ride across crystal clear backwaters is one of the most cherished experiences and thus is included in all South India tour packages. Nestled in the lap of Mother Nature Kerala, dazzles with scintillating water bodies, swaying palms and azure sea front thereby providing ample opportunity to explore the region via a houseboat cruise.

Tourists of varied nature are charmed by the bewitching beauty of backwaters and they all find a ride by a traditional houseboat to explore the region. Some natural and some man-made, backwaters came into existence by the merging of sea water with the fresh waters of rivers. The formation of these serene backwaters led to the creation of tranquilizing greenery around. Traverse on crystal clear water at your own pace, enjoy the gorgeous sight of thick foliage, coconut groves and green paddy fields, stop at local people's settlement to learn more about the culture and enjoy fishing from your own private deck at the traditional houseboat.

Traditional Houseboat: Kettuvalloms or the traditional houseboats of Kerala were originally used as a mode of transportation bringing goods from the far flung distances to the interiors of the villages. In the older times, houseboats were constructed by compiling large logs of wood together and without using a single nail. With the advent of technology, these houseboats are transformed into large wooden cruises. The look and feel of these houseboats is kept the traditional way while the amenities have been modernised. Thus while the interiors comprises of wooden furnishing, can furniture for the deck and a soothing ambiance, these houseboats are replete with all the amenities including a private crew for cooking and managing the boat thereby making a houseboat ride one of the picture perfect moment of one's tour to South India.

Famous Houseboat Cruise Circuits: These Kerala backwaters flow mainly through four districts namely, Kollam, Alappuzha, Kottayam and Kochi. These backwaters are fed by a total number of 38 rivers; Lake Vembanad being the largest backwater stretch flows through Alleppey and Kottayam. The pristine Kottayam backwaters flows parallel to the seashores and the scenery of rubber plantation is spectacular. Also known as "Venice of the East", Alappuzha is a beautiful backwater destination and is best visited during the annual event of Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race. Situated on the blissful banks of Lake Vembanad, Kumarakom offers an opportunity to explore beauteous bird life on the shores of its scenic water bodies. Kollam is an ancient seaport located on the banks of Ashtamudi Lake; the cruise from Kollam to Alappuzha is one magical ride which lasts for about eight hours showcasing the best of panorama always added in one's South India tour.


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