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Six Peru Tours You Can't Miss


Peru is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. Visit culturally rich cities, explore historical sites, fly over mysterious lines or travel through the rainforest. Tour around beautiful lakes, walk the Inca trail and be close enough with animals to observe them in their true natural state. Whatever you are looking to do in Peru, there will be a tour to accommodate you.

Machu Picchu Tour

A once in a lifetime cultural, spiritual and physical journey takes you to the ruins at Machu Picchu. Trek through nine bio-zones of varied terrain and changing altitudes. Share in the customs and culture of local families still living in the Andes who continue to maintain old traditions. Indulge in enchanting lodges, relax in hot springs and devour local cuisine. Find yourself inspired by your majestic surroundings while you follow in the path of the Incas.

Nazca Extension Tour

Many people are attracted to the cryptic Nazca lines for many reasons. At the Paracas Regional Museum you will find fossils, robes, mummies and more. The lines can only be viewed by air so you will need to take a plane ride during your tour here. You can also check out the Ballestas Islands, home to seals, penguins, sea lions and turtles and enjoy these tranquil, virgin beaches.

Inca Trail Tour

This challenging trek takes you through treeless passes up to almost 14,000 feet high and then down through layers of cloud covered forests and arrive at the Sun Gate threshold. Here is where you're introduced to the unbelievable view of Machu Picchu as well as the Urubamba River. You'll look back in awe and disbelief at valleys and snow peaks that you have passed along the way on the trail and climb through riots of mosses, orchids and ferns.

Peruvian Rainforest Tour

A 50 mile boat journey down the Amazon River starts the tour that will take you to lodges to rest for your adventure. Guided hikes will teach you about plants and their healing effects. You will witness the rainforest being a host to fascinating animals and take a stroll on a suspended bridge, high in the treetops where you can catch a glimpse of rare birds.

Lima Tour

Nothing can be more culturally rewarding than a tour around the city of Lima, Peru. Stroll through stunning cathedrals, fabulous museums and receive a deep overview of the ancient past of Peru. Central park of Miraflores is a privileged site as well as viewing the famous olive trees brought from Spain, located at the El Olivar Park.

Palomino Islands

Swimming with the seal lions around the islands near the Calao Lima Port. You will hear stories of the old ship wrecks here and observe the fisherman hauling their nets onto their boats. At Isla Palomino Island you will change into neoprene wet suits and swim with the charming sea lions who are always welcoming to visitors.

Even if you have a specific destination in mind when traveling to Peru, it is always recommended to take at least one tour to really appreciate what the country has to offer. Any city that you visit will have them available and most resorts and hotels are happy to arrange your tour for you.

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