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Shopping in Budapest

 Budapest is an extraordinary city with a fashion sense to match! Whether it's flea markets and antiques you seek, or department stores boasting the latest fashions, Budapest has it all.

A shoppers paradise...
Vaci Utca is Budapest's only pedestrian street and can be found in District V (five). Anyone who loves to shop, shop, shop not to mention spend, spend, spend, will adore this street which is adorned with 19th century architecture. This long street starts from V?r?smarty Square and leads to the Great Market Hall near F?'v¨¢m T¨¦r.

If you're looking for something a little up market, then Vaci Utca is where it's at - some have even compared it to London's Oxford Street! The famous avenue has long been a place where the rich and famous of Budapest enjoyed spending their money and in more recent years, tourists come here for the reduced price designer labels. Beware though; these designer items still have a hefty price tag attached.

Some of the most popular shops to be found here include Aranypok, Arena, Boss, Mango, Esprit, Gant, Estee Lauder, and Clinique, with a few more reasonable priced stores like Zara, H&M;, C&A; and Marks & Spencer's here too.

Due to increased numbers of tourists flocking to Budapest many souvenir shops have popped up in this area in the last few years - perfect if you're looking for a few last minute pressies or keepsakes of your time in the city.

Many bars and cafes also line the street. If you're feeling a bit peckish after your shopping experience, there are some great eateries that you can have a drink or a bite to eat. In fact, some of the best local fare can be found along here.

Budapest's best Department Stores...
Like every European city, a number of huge department stores have settled in Budapest. You're assured of good quality, reasonable goods in these department stores.

Corvin is a popular department store and is located in the Budapest's VIII district. Here you'll find items like kitchen accessories, towels, clothes, furniture, toys and more. There is also a supermarket on the ground floor.

Oh and don't forget about the well-known British department store, Marks & Spencer's. It is located on the main shopping street in Budapest Vaci Utca in district V. You'll also find C&A; on Vaci Utca. Both of these department stores have a fine selection of women's and men's clothes, sportswear along with baby's and children's clothing.

Shopping Centres in Budapest...
Budapest's malls have proved popular with both locals and tourists alike. Go back 15 years and shopping centres/malls were unheard of in Budapest - they only had the likes of them in New York or Germany. Today though, Budapest has loads of shopping centres located all over the city. These mostly host western shops and brands.

A lot of the malls are situated close to either major intersections or metro stations allowing easy access to them. If you're staying in the city centre you're near two of the most popular malls; the Westend City Centre and Mammut Mall.

The Westend is located beside the Western Railway Station. This is actually Central Europe's largest shopping mall. Hosting over 400 stores, a 14-screen cinema complex, and a massive selection of food areas, you'll be really impressed by this shopping centre.

Mammut Mall is located on the Buda side at Szena Square and houses over 300 shops. The mall is made up of two seven-story buildings. You'll find an entertainment centre and numerous restaurants and cafes here too. Perfect for a family day out.

Other shopping malls in Budapest that are well worth a visit include Duna Plaza, MOM Park, Arkad and Lurdy Haz.

Budapest's best markets...
Budapest is renowned all over the world for its fantastic markets. Some of these excellent markets are housed in grand market halls. Not only are they great places in which to see locals going about their daily business, but also offer high quality produce at cheap prices. Everything from souvenirs, to leather goods, clothes, fresh fruit and vegetables etc. can be found on sale here.

The Central Market Hall is the most popular of all the markets to be found in Budapest. It's the largest indoor market and is located in the 9th district. Many flock to this market to buy its world-renowned paprika!

The sheer size of the place alone will dumbfound you, not to mention the enormous selection of stalls. Most stalls on the ground floor sell souvenirs, gifts and wine. You'll also find mouth-watering meats, fresh vegetables and fruit and sublime cheese. If you need to take a break from all this bargaining, there are plenty of snack bars around.

Other excellent and notable markets in Budapest include Ecseri flea market, Hunyadi Ter Market (district VI), Klauzal Ter Market and Rakoczi ter Market in district VII.

Know before you go!

Opening Hours:

Hungarian shops normally open between 10am and 6pm on weekdays and between 10am and 1pm on Saturday's.

Some stores have longer opening hours.

Be aware also that some smaller stores close if they are running errands. The lengths of these vary and can't be calculated. Look out for a sign saying "Azonnal J?v?k" on the door. It's up to you whether you wait!

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