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Exploration for gold at the the intersection of the South Platte River and Cherry Creek led to the creation of the Denver city in 1858. In 1870's railroads came up in the city and transformed into a metropolis. Initially banking; minting, food processing and agriculture were the key sectors budding in the city but later Livestock, tourism and service industries advanced the city's economy.

Denver is very famous for it being close to the initial ranges of the Rocky Mountains and having a sunlit weather. The place offers perfect activities like hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing, and snowboarding. The city is a perfect place for sports and nature lovers. The best attractions in Denver also include the Denver Art Museum, Red Rock Park and Amphitheatre, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Botanic Gardens and Colorado History Museum.

Denver has also been a choice place of food loving people. Denver restaurants are popular for having a diverse range of food including New American cuisines and taco stands. It has impressed many locals, tourists and visitors by presenting its history and present. Just have a look at the brief of few Denver restaurants which have been famed for their cuisines and services.

La Dolce Vita: It is among the popular restaurants in the city with incredible decor and services. You can also find professional singer performing for the guests making the whole experience more memorable. When planning for a romantic dinner it is the place to come as the perfectly laid out tables with lightning sets are idle for the occasion. The staff is very friendly and offers good service. The meals are OK but do appear overpriced than expected. Overall this restaurant can be rated as Hi average in its ratings.

Jonesy's Eatbar: It was known as Dish Bistro and later the name was changed to Jonesy's Eatbar which was opened on June 2008. Having antique chandeliers, 1950s soda fountain decor and velvety couches makes the ambiance very diverse and attractive. This restaurant is a good selection for an evening with no driving and parking. Every week the menu is updated and lots of new dishes are added to attract the locals as well.

Sushi Den: Sushi Den is located at South Denver and is popular for its exotic sushi dishes. The restaurant has won lot of appreciation for its expert sushi dishes. It is an ideal place for trendy crowds and offers sushi, sake, sashimim and other dishes. When compared, it is no less than an authentic Japanese sushi bars.

Cafe Brazil: Located at North Denver this cafe offers the best Spicy Latin American food to its visitors. Its menu includes popular dishes like Smoked meats, fresh seafood, fried rice, savory sauces, and zesty spices. Having great music, drinks, service and ambiance Cafe Brazil becomes the finest restaurant in North Denver.

All the above mentioned Denver restaurants are recommendation by people who have also explored other places and have down a comparative study. You can enjoy the evening with you family and friends by having a comfortable time and food that is scrumptious for everyone. You can also make online reservation to avoid last minute disappointment.

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