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Palawan, Philippines - The Home For the Best Island Resorts

The Philippines is a third world country. Because of this third world rating, many underestimate the country and think that it has only so much to offer. Well let me stop right there because what a lot of people do not realize is that the Philippines is the home of the best island resorts that one can ever lay eyes on. El Nido, Palawan is a perfect hidden treasure, but a place that is so majestic and beautiful can't be kept a secret anymore.

There are two major island resorts in El Nido that is world class. The two resorts are the vacation homes that you should not dare miss in your lifetime. The first resort is the Miniloc island resort and the other is the Lagen Island resort. Both are owned and managed by one company but each island has its own testament of beauty and breathtaking views. These resorts are the perfect place for you not only to relax but to let out the inner explorer in you.

Around the area, you can find caves, lagoons and even secret beaches that will surely leave their mark in your heart and memory. The untouched beauty of El Nido is perhaps one of the main reasons why many tourists flock around the resorts all year round. The resorts are tucked in a rock crevice with a view of the beach front with emerald wonders abound with tropical fish. Once you get to this place, you will certainly be amazed at how good an artist God is.

So if you really want to experience what island resorts are all about, don't take my word for it. Go to El Nido and enjoy the vacation homes and resorts that will open up your eyes to the true meaning of paradise.

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