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Onam of Gods Own Country - Kerala


Onam brings a sense of joy and festivity in the minds of all Malayalees around the world. This is celebrated as the harvest festival of Kerala and comes almost a fortnight after Chingam (the New Year of Kerala). Onam has an interesting legend behind its origin.

Here is an interesting legend associated with it, which says that, the festivity is basically dedicated to the king Mahabali. People believe that, the spirit of the king Mahabali gives an annual visit to this land which was once ruled by him. Each and every house in Kerala are cleaned and renovated to welcome the day of onam.The front porches of each homes display beautifully decorated flower arrangements known as the "pookalam".

Every member of the family comes together on this colorful occasion of onam no mater how far they are. A number of rituals are performed during the ten days of Onam, which starts on the Attam nakshatram of Chingam. Rituals such as Maveli Puja, Onathallu, and Onakazhcha are rooted in the ancient legends and are followed in many parts of the state, since a long time. Apart from the rituals, enthralling games are played during the ten days, wherein small children, men and women take part with equal enthusiasm. Games such as 'Thumbi Thullal (folk dance performed by women), Kaikotti Kali, Pulikkali form a prominent part of the celebrations of Onam.

In addition to this, sporting events such as Uthratadhi Vallamkali (snake boat race) are organized with zeal. Each and every home in Kerala celebrates this wonderous occasion with atmost devotion and joy irrespective of cast creed or religion.

Kerala is a land which is a blend of modernity yet is deep rooted to its culture and tradition. The untouched beauty of Kerala is churned out from its local customs and tradition that date back to historical times. Keralities tends to welcome changes and developments but they do not appreciate changes in their folklore which makes it standout from the rest of the regions.

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