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Niagara Falls Landmarks - Some Things to See During Your Vis


 Niagara Falls has many things to see and do for just about anybody traveling to the area. It's a place where you can be flying over the city in a helicopter during the morning hours, floating on a cushion of air in a skydiving simulator during the afternoon and taking part in a Vegas style magic show in the evening.

The reason why people travel from across the world to Niagara Falls however is more often than not the famous landmarks that make this place so popular. I have listed the most common Niagara falls landmarks below. These are the ones that have made the Falls famous and keep people coming back every year.

  • The Falls: Yes, I know that this is an obvious one but it is a great natural landmark that isn't going anywhere. Although Niagara Falls isn't the largest waterfall in the world it does have the largest volume of water passing over the brink year round than any other waterfall in the world.

  • Skylon Tower: This landmark shows up in just about every photo of the skyline of Niagara Falls. Reaching to a height over 500 feet, the Skylon Tower has a restaurant the revolves to give diners a great view of the entire city and the elevators to get to the top are located on the outside of the tower so that the entire trip up and down is one with the best site lines.

  • Floral Clock: Besides the Falls themselves the floral clock attracts more visitors than any other landmark in the area. The clock face itself is almost 40 feet wide and the hands are 14 feet and 20 feet long. The face is decorated with thousands of various flowers assorted in new patterns each year.

  • Brock Monument: Built to honour and pay tribute to a hero of the war of 1812, General Brock's monument was constructed on the site of the Battle at Queenston Heights. The battle was a turning point in the war for the Canadian side and the place where General Brock was killed in battle. The 185 foot monument is so large that visitors can actually walk up the stairs to the top and look out over the land that Brock and his soldiers fought so hard to keep free.

  • Niagara Gorge: Carved out by the mighty Falls and Niagara River, the Niagara Gorge is a natural landmark that has been 10 thousand years in the making. With guided and self-guided walking tours that wind their way through the pathways along the river and deep inside the Gorge, visitors get a first hand look at the natural geology and can actually walk in the history of Niagara Falls.
There are of course, more landmarks that make up Niagara Falls, some natural and some man made but each one helps to make the entire Niagara Region a great and attractive place to visit for your next vacation.

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