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Holiday in Egypt Offers a Very Unique Experience


Egypt has attracted visitors for many years, centuries because of its unique treasures from the amazing archaeological treasures to those iconic pyramids. However there are many other reasons to holiday in Egypt from experiencing the vibrant culture and beautiful scenery. Here is a guide to the Egypt highlights of Egypt.

Egypt's world wonder

The last surviving world wonder is the pyramids at Giza. This will be on everyone's lists, a truly magnificent and engaging item. It's hard to describe until you've been there and seen it for yourself but once you have you'll understand. It is recommended to see the sunrise if you can, the sun casting its light over the Valley of Kings is a sight to behold as well as the brilliant sound and light show to be found at the tombs of Abu Simbel.

The Nile - the world's longest river

The Nile flows for over 4,000 miles through the whole of Egypt where many visitors will spend a day travelling down and take in the amazing scenery. Many excursions can be organised for here so you certainly won't have trouble organising a trip.

Vast desert landscapes

The pyramids are certainly the main draw however holidays to Egypt would mean you can take in the amazing physical beauty of Egypt. The amazing iron like mountains of the Sinai to the hard rock formations of the white desert should be on your planner as should be the underwater world of the red sea to complete your Egypt holiday.

Modern Egypt

Egypt is a vibrant place with plenty of hustle and bustle which you can experience in the busy markets, in one of the many busy coffeehouses or the call to prayer that takes place at sunset. Residents fill the streets throughout the day and in the busy markets there is the opportunity to barter terms and try and get a real bargain.

I hope you find this information useful and you enjoy your holiday Egypt.

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