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Guided Tour of Ireland - Spiritual, Mystic and Beautiful

 A Guided tour of Ireland is very important for traveling buffs for cherishing the beauties of the serene land of Ireland in a tension-free manner. There are many places in Ireland to visit and chill out from the stressful life. Ireland is regarded as a land of legends, beauty and myths. Thus, it is a mystical place of folklore and fairytale stories. Traveling to such a place is really unique. Thus, it needs professional help and a guided tour of Ireland to make the trip worthwhile and memorable.

The most unique part of Ireland is the presence of numerous holy places. That's why the spiritual vacations to Ireland are a unique ingredient of guided tour of Ireland. There are many mystical and spiritual places and the names of some of these places include Croagh Patrick Pilgrimage, Knock Shrine, Saint Brigid's Shrine & Well Faughart, Mount Melleray Abbey, Croagh Patrick, Dzogchen Beara Retreat, Duiske Abbey, Ard Nahoo, Doon Well and many more.

There are many places in the world where you will find lots and lots of temples and historical places. But in most of these places you will not find the essence of spirituality. The oneness with the nature is the unique selling proposition of Ireland. That's why vacations in Ireland are not restricted to visiting shrines and historical places only. You will feel the beauty of nature in every nook and corner of the country and consequently you will come to feel the spiritual pleasure of the place.

The travelers visit the place for many reasons. The best reasons for which they visit the place can be categorized under the following categories:

1. To feel the beauty of nature and gardens
2. To visit the heritage buildings and palaces for discovering the historical significance of the place.
3. To cherish and at the same time be a part of the festivals, arts and culture of Ireland.
4. To trace one's ancestry
5. To adventure (Through horse riding and racing, cycling, fishing, water based sports and activities, walking and many more)

This wide variation of reasons for visiting the place makes it more important for considering a guide to tour Ireland. Guided tour of Ireland makes the travel stress free and smooth.

The most popular form of trip to the place of natural beauty and history consists of spiritual vacations to Ireland. If you are planning for spiritual vacations to Ireland then your itinerary would look like the following:

You would visit the sacred Christian places along with ancient Celtic sites. Some of the historical ingredients of these sites are Celtic Abbeys and Churches, ring forts, round towers, stone circles, ancient crosses and many more. Some of the majestic creations of the place include the Hill of Tara, Book of Kells, New Grange, Christ Church Cathedral, Ballintubber Abbey, Clonmacnoise, Gougane Barra and Skellig Michael.

Some of the places to visit during your guided tour of Ireland may include Dublin city, Belfast, Limerick, Armagh, Cork city, Lisburn, Londonderry, Waterford city and Newry city.

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