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Free Fun at a Laguna Beach Park

 If you're spending time in Laguna Beach with children, check out a fun and free Laguna Beach park! Sometimes visitors may forget about the abundance of beautiful parks in town, because there are so many amazing beaches. If you're children aren't the type that enjoy the creepy-crawly wet things abundant in the tidepools or if they've been waterlogged from days of swimming in the ocean, then it might be time to play in the park!

There are many wonderful parks in town. Your quest to find which park is right for you, begins with asking what type of activities do your children enjoy? Some parks have playground equipment, other parks have steel sculptures that can be climbed on, some Laguna Beach parks may have huge grassy areas for running playing, and some parks have dedicated athletic fields.

If you're children simply love climbing on playground equipment, you might like to take a drive up to what is likely the most comprehensive park in town Top of the World Park (officially named Alta Loma Park). Although it is primarily known for the panoramic views of the coastline and plunging views of the canyons below, this Laguna Beach park has a phenomenal children's playground equipped with bridges, slides, swings, etc. In addition, there are athletic fields for soccer, baseball, basketball courts, tennis courts, and trailheads for hiking. There are also huge grassy areas and canopied picnic tables, perfect for an afternoon play session! On a recent visit, the blooming flowers were inundated with countless butterflies fluttering around on the afternoon breezes.

If you don't have the time to drive up to Top of the World Park, but still want to find a children's playground at a nearby Laguna Beach park, your children might enjoy climbing up the historic rocket-ship at Bluebird Park. This park has slides, swings, climbing apparatus, tunnels, and a giant brightly colored tile turtle to climb on!

You can also find smaller children's playground setups at expansive Aliso Beach and popular Main Beach. The Aliso Beach playground is usually a little less crowded simply because it is farther away from the popular downtown shopping district, and the advantage of having two adjacent parking lots usually makes parking at Aliso a little easier than Main Beach as well. If you're looking for a Laguna Beach park that is located at the beach, both of these are great choices!

If you are looking for a Laguna Beach park that has less children and more views, Crescent Bay Park is in North Laguna with stunning views of Crescent Bay Beach and the rocky shore below. Treasure Island at the Montage Resort is another park that is perfect for romantic strolls along the beautifully landscaped bluffs. To find out specific details about each of these parks including parking details, photographs, and which ones have restroom facilities on site visit www.laguna-beach-info.com/laguna-beach-park.html

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