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For a Refreshing Vacation Plan a Trip to the Sydney Film Fes


There could be a number of reason for planning a vacation in Sydney, Australia. But among the many reasons, the leading reason could be to attend the Sydney Film Festival.

This festival or event is popular among the tourists for its great venue and star appeal, and not to forget its line up of reputed and award winning international films. To be able to enjoy this film festival to the maximum, you need to plan a vacation of at least two weeks.

This festival, which was first held in the year 1954, is held during the first two weeks of June every year. The dates, however, keep changing each year.

As a tourist, you can enjoy great staying options there as there are a number of world class hotels and resorts in the city. It is a bustling metropolis with a great choice of hotels. And while you are in the city and not attending the film festival, you can try out the other local attractions.

Of the many local attractions especially try out the Bonza Bike tour which is very popular among the tourists. By taking up this tour you can get a unique and first hand view of the various tourists attractions locally. You can find many companies which offer these tours to the visitors and tourists.

The other popular tourist attraction that you would not like to miss when in Australia, and especially in Sydney, is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You can go to Sydney Harbour Bridge and hike across it. You can get a breathtaking and beautiful view of the Sydney harbour from the observation platform in the bridge. You can further climb the bridge to get a birds eye view of the harbour and the city.

In fact, there are many biking, walking and climbing tours that you can try. You can also visit the bridge. Apart from the bridge, when in Sydney, the other local attraction that you would not like to miss is the Chinese Gardens of Friendship. You can find this place in the Chinatown of Sydney, which is located near the Darling Harbour in the city. In this Chinese garden, you can find the manicured gardens, bridges, waterfalls and fish ponds.

Thus, Sydney makes a great option for the film festival enthusiasts who travel with children or for some one who enjoys wild life.

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