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Enjoy the Beauty of Honolulu

 Honolulu is the capital city of Hawaii, United States. In the Hawaiian language, the Honolulu word is defined as "protected places". Honolulu is a popular tourist resort and it is the paradise for surfer and tourist. Before the arrival of Europe people in Hawaii, Honolulu and Hawaii were separated. From 1790 to 1810 is united under the reign of Kamehameha, the Great reign who is also the founder of the Monarchy.

The native people of Hawaiian Islands are Polynesian tribes. The population of Hawaii consists of various ethnics. Around 40% Hawaiian people are Polynesian nation, 30% of them are Japanese, the rests are Indonesian, American, European, Philippines, and several other Asian people. Honolulu is also known as a most wonderful place in the world and it becomes the best recommendation to be your traveling destination. Honolulu has many interesting places to visit, including Waikiki Beach, Arizona Memorial and the Pali Lookout.

Waikiki beach is located in south of the Oahu Island. The name of Waikiki means fresh water which is sprayed in Hawaiian Island for springs flow in this region, and had once separated from the interior region. Waikiki has been well known as tourist attractions and is also used as a place of rest by Hawaiian royal family.

Besides Waikiki beach you can also visit Pali Look Out. The location of Pali Lookout is on the mountain which is "behind" the city of Honolulu. This place is the town road of the beach at Waikiki Honolulu, which is also visible from far below. And there was the wind blowing so hard from the Honolulu city and it has very fast whistling sound that will hit your body.

Besides offering large variety of tourist attractions and beautiful natural scenery, you can use Honolulu as your family holiday or your honeymoon destination. Honolulu is also a small town that has a good education facilities. Several universities are located in this city and have an international standard quality and excellent facilities for your place of study.

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