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Daintree FAQs

 If you are planning a visit to the Daintree National Park you may have a few questions about the place. Here are few FAQS that will help you plan a better trip.

What is the best time to travel to Daintree National Park?

Whatever time of the year you visit the National Park you will have to brave the rain! The rain tends to be less from April to September while the extremely wet season is from December to March. Here the colder months experience less rain than the summer months.

The Daintree Wilderness Lodge is set in the rainforest which inevitably means we can expect rain. The winter months experience less rain than the summer months. The wet season is from December through to March while the drier months tend to be from April through to the end of September.

What clothes and other packing will you need?

Expect tropical weather at the Daintree National Park. The weather is extremely humid and that's why the air is damp and warm. The nights tend to be cooler but seldom cold. Even in winter you will find that the cold isn't much. You should pack rain gear, comfortable clothing like cotton pants and t shirts and maybe a thin sweater for the night. Make sure to carry comfortable and closed footwear like sport shoes or runners. Always pack a first aid kit and a mosquito repellent.

Best way to get to Daintree National Park?

Driving like said before is the best way to get to Daintree. It only takes a few hours and the drive is relaxing and beautiful.

What are the main attractions of the Daintree National Park?

The rainforest itself with abundance of flora and fauna is the biggest attractions here. You can visit the Mossman Gorge and Cape Tribulation where you can indulge in kayaking, horse riding and even a crocodile cruise. You can see a lot of birds, butterflies and other small wildlife.

What are the accommodation options In Daintree?

You will find resorts towards Cape Tribulation and unique eco lodges and other eco accommodation in the Daintree. You can find a suitable accommodation within your budget and one that suits all your requirements.

Visiting Daintree National Park comes highly recommended. If you are looking for eco lodges in the area or for more information about Daintree National Park you should visit http://www.daintreewildernesslodge.com.au/

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