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Bali - An Addictive Holiday Experience


Though Bali has been named the most enchanting holiday escape of 2009 and it is all set to win that title yet again this year, the combination of the friendly people, the natural attractions, the exciting night life, the year-round pleasant climate, and the absence of security problems makes it the top contender for the position compared to many other island get-away from all over the world. It is no wonder that with so many temples and a culture that is well integrated with its religious set up Bali's has a special magic, which is difficult to explain but not so hard to sense and experience from the minute you step off the plane in Bali, which make it definitely Balinese.

Vacationers and visitors to Bali will notice that the villages still hold the timeless traditional quietness and wisdom in old people's faces, and the interest, curiosity and respect for the tourists and the visitors in the young minds and faces. Old men sit on the road sides encouraging their fighting cocks while traditionally dressed beautiful Balinese women work in the rice fields and forests making daily offerings at the temples.

While your senses are intoxicated in the sweet smell of fresh tropical flowers in all the colors the sound of gamelan music from the distance fills your soul with a peace and serenity that is hard to come by. Bali's many Gods and spirits have had an integral part in Bali's daily life for hundreds of years and Bali's holy mountain of Gunung Agung is globally regarded as one of the eight 'Chakra' points of the world which is why one trip to Bali can have you addicted for the rest of your life.

Though there are seasonal showers that might last a few months every year, seasonal change makes little difference to experiencing Bali and any time is a good to be in Bali. But before you make reservations and plan your vacation in Bali it's worth checking out the main Indonesian holiday periods. Bali can be superb value, if you book your Bali villa rental a few months ahead of departure to get a great deal on a hotel. The more sports inclined vacationer looking to catch a wave, has a huge promise of some of the best surfs on this part of the globe. On Bali, there are about 33 surf spots, from West Bali to East Bali including four on the offshore island of Nusa Lembongan. The best way to get around Bali is with your own transport. You may choose to drive or luxury Bali villas also can provide drivers and cabs for hire.

One of the best places to stay in Bali if you are with your family or a group of friends or couples on a romantic honeymooning vacation start looking for luxury Bali villas in the Umalas area where you would get to enjoy the best of both worlds - the calm, peace and serenity of your villa surrounded by sculpted rice fields and a tropical cover that has some of the best flora and fauna in Bali.

More over, you would be staying in a Bali villa that is well connected to all other tourist attractions in the area and that too in minimal travel time of 5 or 10 minutes. Superior service, lots of indoor and out door space to laze around and to part, modern comforts in traditional Balinese modes, multilingual support staff and personalized care and support is what makes luxury Bali villas the preferred choice of all who would seek to stay in a place not as confining as a hotel accommodation.

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