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Affordable and Beautiful Beach Getaway in Ixtapa, Mexico


xtapa is a great alternative to the more popular beach resorts in Mexico. Unlike Cancun or Puerto Vallarta, Ixtapa is economical and less crowded. The white sand beaches of Ixtapa are located on the Pacific Coast in the state of Guerrrero.

The hotels located on the beach are very affordable. You can stay in a luxury hotel for about one hundred dollars a night. Many of the hotels also offer all-inclusive packages. This type of package includes all meals, drinks and snacks. They are reasonably priced, costing only a few dollars more per night.

If you want to save even more money, you can rent a bungalow or apartment. Most rentals are within walking distance to the beach front. Nice, comfortable bungalows start at around twenty-five dollars a night.

Even during peak season (April through August,) the amount of tourists and traffic are tolerable. Ixtapa is fairly tranquil; however, it does have a nightlife. The numerous bars and upscale clubs are all located close to the beach.

Ixtapa is only a few minutes away from Zihuatanejo. There, you will find truly authentic Mexican food at great prices, several foreign owned bars and more beaches. One popular beach is Las Gatas.

A short boat ride across the bay will take you to Las Gatas. You will not find any hotels in Las Gatas, but you will find plenty of restaurants. Most of the restaurants only offer outdoor seating. Lounge chairs are available for those who order from the bar.

Ixtapa is a great place for a romantic getaway or a family vacation. A little north of Ixtapa you can find attractions like the Dolphin Aquarium. Clean and safe beaches and affordable prices make Ixtapa one of the best kept secrets.

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